The Swedish People’s Party of Finland

  • is a hundred years old political party with 24 000 members in about 150 local chapters
  • has an organisation consisting of politicians, member organisations and party office
  • has regional organisations in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Ostrobothnia and member organisations in the rest of the country
  • has three associations: The Swedish Youth of Finland, The Women’s Organisation of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland and The Swedish Seniors of Finland

The Swedish People’s party is governed by the annual party congress and by the Party Council and the Party Executive Board


The Swedish People’s Party of Finland brings together those who want to work for a Finland with two official languages; swedish and finnish.

The Swedish People’s Party in Finland works for:

  • a strong Swedishness
  • a well-functioning bilingualism
  • a vivid nordism
  • a strong european community
  • a global sense of responsibility

We believe that prosperity and justice emerges out of:

  • a society that serves the individual
  • an economy that support private initiatives and
  • respects the environement
  • an educational system that gives opportunities for development for all
  • a social security system that both carries and activates

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland is a liberal party

  • Liberalism as in tolerance and openness
  • Liberalism as in freedom to think out loud. Själv.?

In cooperation with other parties and movements SFP works for freedom, justice, equality and tolerance.

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Applications for reimbursement are made via the web-based travel reimbursement site. If you have questions or need instructions you can contact malin.karlsson@sfp.fi




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