Policy Programmes

Our programmes and platforms give you a deeper insight into our ideology, what we want to achieve and what we considers that drives the society forward.

Our Policy Platforms touch a variety of different subjects - we want to see a liberal society where we look to the individual not forgetting those in need.

SFP Election Platforms

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SFP Municipal Election Platform 2021
The decisions adopted in your municipality affect you and your daily life and that is why we all, you and I, form the municipality. That is why the municipal elections are so important. It’s about how our municipality and city, yours and mine, will be developed and led for the next four years.

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SFP Municipal Election Platform 2021

SFP Municipal Election Platform 2021, PDF

Only the most recent programs are shown on this page. Older programmes can be found at ‘Pohtiva – Poliittisten ohjelmien tietovaranto‘.
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