Blomqvist: Efforts to make the Nordic countries the world’s most sustainable and integrated region are highly topical

In August 2019, the Nordic prime ministers decided to adopt the vision of turning the Nordic countries into the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. An action plan, led by the ministers for Nordic cooperation, was implemented for fulfilling this vision. Thomas Blomqvist, Finland’s Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality, emphasises how topical this vision is and how important it is to continue systematically to work towards it.

“Our vision may be ambitious, but it is highly current and it is crucial that we continue working decisively for its fulfilment. Our experiences with the Covid pandemic and Europe’s altered security situation and its consequences have further reinforced the significance of the vision. Russia’s cruel attack against Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis have highlighted the importance of the green transition, while the pandemic proved the significance of integration efforts and of defending the Nordic perspective in all circumstances,” minister Blomqvist states.

The existing action plan runs until 2024, but the ministers have already begun efforts for creating a new plan for the period 2025–2030.

“In seven years’ time, the Nordic region will be the world’s most sustainable and integrated region. There is no time to lose in fulfilling this vision. We are continuing our work to create a green, competitive and socially sustainable Nordic region. For the vision to come true, we must work strategically and in collaboration with our Nordic colleagues. Great expectations exist for Nordic cooperation and it is essential that we can continue to offer Nordic benefits for our citizens,” Blomqvist concludes.

Minister Blomqvist is currently (31 January) taking part in a meeting of the ministers for Nordic cooperation in Copenhagen, where they will discuss the continuation of work towards the vision for 2030, among other things.

Adlercreutz: Important decision on Leopard collaboration

Germany has today confirmed that it will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. MP Anders Adlercreutz is pleased that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has finally given the green light to properly supporting Ukraine.

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Blomqvist: Border barrier removal efforts are significant for the lives of ordinary Nordic citizens

Today (2 February) the Parliament will conduct a follow-up debate on the Government Report on Nordic Cross-Border Barriers. Cross-border barriers or obstacles are laws, official decrees or procedures that prevent the free movement of people or the ability of businesses to operate across national boundaries in the Nordic region. Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality, who led the drafting of the report, is happy that in its statement the Foreign Affairs Committee emphasises the significance of drawing attention to these important efforts.

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