Blomqvist: Hydrogen is a great opportunity for Finland

A government decision in principle on hydrogen was approved today. We want to make Finland a competitive and predictable investment environment for the hydrogen economy. The programme includes concrete actions, such as ensuring the smoothness of permit processes, including electric fuels in the distribution obligation, expanding infrastructure and channelling EU and national funding to various development projects.

“We have all it takes to grow into a major hydrogen producer and to be at the forefront of the hydrogen economy and industry. Ninety per cent of our power generation is climate neutral, we have great opportunities for building more wind power, and our domestic electricity transmission capacity is good and stable. All of this forms a good foundation for creating new value chains and jobs,” explains Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality.

“Hydrogen gives us an opportunity to accelerate the green transition in Finland, and by being at the forefront of development we can also focus on exporting technology that will contribute to lowering climate emissions globally,” says minister Blomqvist.

“Naturally, private businesses are needed as investors and to keep the ball rolling, but the government has an important role in promoting development through legislation and norms, supporting pilot projects, and ensuring that there are enough competent, trained workers for the field,” Blomqvist says.

Wickström: Businesses deserve better politics!

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström says that the next government must take action to improve businesses’ growth opportunities. Wickström is concerned that small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland lack the courage to develop their operations. Current circumstances, including high energy prices and inflation, have weakened companies’ future prospects.

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Bergqvist: Children’s leisure activities must be reinforced even further in the next government programme

SFP’s Member of Parliament and Vice Chair Sandra Bergqvist took part in a panel discussion on the significance of leisure activities for children and adolescents last Tuesday. The panel was arranged by the Guides and Scouts of Finland together with the Scout Parliamentary Union.

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