Wickström wants more police officers and crime-fighting resources

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström believes Finland needs more police officers. According to Wickström, the Finnish Police lack resources for preventive work. In its election manifesto, SFP states that the number of police officers should be raised from the current 7,500 to 8,200.

“The police force is short on resources, even though the current cabinet has increased them. We need more officers if we want effective ways of fighting youth crime and family violence,” Wickström says.

“We have seen worrying developments in Sweden, where criminal gangs have got a strong foothold. This trend must be prevented in Finland. It would be important to create functioning, multi-professional efforts to prevent gang formation, and this requires preventive work from the police, among others.” “Anchor” teams have set a good operating model for supporting young people, and their operations should be expanded to the whole country,” Wickström says.

For Wickström it is important that the police can serve people in both Finnish and Swedish. He also points out that sufficient resources must be allocated to the administration of justice.

Supporting sustainable social development

Finland forms a part of the globalised world, and according to parliamentary candidate Ramieza Mahdi, this means that besides our national responsibilities, we must shoulder our international responsibility when it comes to sustainable social development.

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Rehn-Kivi: Problems with bureaucracy must not prevent the provision of rehabilitation to Ukrainian war veterans!

On Thursday, MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi (SFP) submitted a written question concerning the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Finland. Kauniala Hospital has been helping with rehabilitation but is now threatened by a lack of funding, as well as by bureaucracy.

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