Decisive action is needed to improve the state of the Baltic Sea

“The Baltic Sea is not doing well. Every day we witness blue-green algae blooms taking over our bays and beaches.We must take decisive action to prevent eutrophication. We need an extensive package of short- and long-term measures for improving the state of the Baltic Sea. At SFP, we are prepared to work for safeguarding our archipelago for the future,” explains Anna-Maja Henriksson, Minister of Justice and SFP Party President.

Everyday security demands concrete action

The summer meeting of the Swedish Parliamentary Group: SFP and the Swedish Parliamentary Group consider it essential to safeguard Finns’ purchasing power.

“We need swift and targeted action to overcome the crises we are encountering. At the same time, we must keep the horizon and the big picture in view. With proactive and farsighted politics, we can provide security for citizens while making Finland a country where people want to move and in which they want to invest,” says Anders Adlercreutz, Chair of the Swedish Parliamentary Group.

Henriksson and Adlercreutz: A high employment rate, more investments and a tax-system that encourages work are the foundations for a successful and healthy Finland

The Swedish Parliamentary Group holds its summer meeting this week. The Parliamentary group visits the Fortum power plant in Lovisa and Neste in Porvoo.

Henriksson: Finland needs a clear Urban Policy

The Swedish People’s Party has presented a new Urban Policy Programme. In the document the party stresses the need for a comprehensive and coherent urban policy and the need to care about… Read more »