Anders Adlercreutz in Washington DC: Our support for Ukraine must remain steadfast

Anders Adlercreutz, Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering, spoke at an event at the Wilson Center in Washington DC on January 22nd. He talked about the main goals for the ongoing year for Finland, both globally and within the EU. Adlercreutz especially emphasized the effects of the war in Ukraine and the need for continued support.

– It seems like an understanding of what’s at stake in Ukraine is lacking, both in Europe and the USA. The consequences of letting Russia achieve something that even resembles a victory in Ukraine are dramatic. That’s why it is important that our support for Ukraine continues, Adlercreutz says.

In December the European Council made the historical decision to begin accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, and offered Georgia candidate status. At the same time there is a weakening in the real, tangible support for Ukraine on both sides of the Atlantic, a worrying development according to Adlercreutz.

– We are facing a total collapse of the post-war rules-based world order if there is no respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of nations and borders can be changed by force. This would have consequences that are far greater than the current crisis. Ukraine is therefore not only fighting for its own future, Adlercreutz says.

Finland’s NATO membership was also a topic in the discussion, as was the fact that 75 years have passed since the formation of the alliance. According to Adlercreutz, Finalising Sweden’s membership is one of Finland’s first goals in NATO. In July 2024, NATO will hold the next Summit, this time in Washington, D.C. This will be the second summit in which Finland participates as a full member.

– I think that Ukraine should be invited to the Washington Summit, even if they aren’t members yet, says Adlercreutz.

Anders Adlercreutz is visiting Washington D.C. to present Finland’s views on topical issues related to cooperation between Europe and the United States and to promote bilateral relations between Finland and the United States.   

The discussion at the Wilson Center was moderated by professor Kristina Spohr from

The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and can be viewed at the Wilson Center’s Youtube channel:

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