Use the Russian frozen assets for Ukraine

– There are hundreds of billions of euros in frozen Russian assets in Europe. Morally and logically these should be used to support Ukraine and rebuild what Russia’s brutal invasion has destroyed, says Anders Adlercreutz at the General Affairs Council meeting today in Brussels.

– We need to explore legal ways to make this happen quickly, Adlercreutz says.

This Saturday, February 24 will be the two year anniversary of the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine. The EU has promised to help Ukraine for as long as it is needed, and that message was also echoed at the council. According to Adlercreutz the support from different EU countries varies. 

– The total Finnish support is now worth 1.8 billion euros and as we speak the 23rd aid package is being prepared. If all of Europe would follow the example of the Nordic and Baltic countries the reality on the ground in Ukraine would look very different. I hope all member states would realize the gravity of the situation, Anders Adlercreutz says.

Anders Adlercreutz in Washington DC: Our support for Ukraine must remain steadfast

Anders Adlercreutz, Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering, spoke at an event at the Wilson Center in Washington DC on January 22nd. He talked about the main goals for the ongoing year for Finland, both globally and within the EU. Adlercreutz especially emphasized the effects of the war in Ukraine and the need for continued support.

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