Wickström pleased by arrival of LNG terminal ship in Ingå: “Finland needs investments that support the green transition”

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström is pleased by the arrival of an LNG terminal ship in the southern Finnish town of Ingå today. The vessel will be placed in the Joddböle district of Ingå as soon as the weather permits it. Wickström is also the chair of Ingå’s municipal board.

“Everything has progressed smoothly, thanks to good cooperation. We had the land use plan for the Joddböle area approved in just under six months, which is a record time for a project such as this. It feels good to have the vessel here to help us through the energy crisis,” Wickström says.

Wickström says that the energy crisis is a difficult problem to solve. He wishes for active work to be conducted in Finland to find sustainable energy solutions.

Wickström hopes Finland will attract investments that promote the green transition. In his view, Finland is not yet maximising the potential for such investments.

“The Municipality of Ingå has received very positive feedback concerning opportunities for starting up companies in the area. The media have reported on two projects that might settle here if all goes well. Hopefully this is just the beginning,” says Wickström.

Adlercreutz: Significant investments into youth entrepreneurship

The Parliament’s Finance Committee has today released its statement on next year’s state budget. This involved deciding on the allocation of the government’s extra budgetary sum of around EUR 50 million. The Chair of the Swedish Parliamentary Group, Anders Adlercreutz, is particularly pleased about the additional resources directed at youth entrepreneurship education.

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A momentous decision for Western Uusimaa and all of Finland

“Many pieces fell into place as a consequence of diverse political decisions, when the Norwegian company Blastr Green Steel announced a multi-billion-dollar investment into climate-smart steel production in Western Uusimaa,” says Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality.

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