Rehn-Kivi: It is now possible to completely eradicate cancers caused by human papillomavirus

Saturday 4 March was International HPV Awareness Day. HPA (human papillomavirus) can cause cervical and throat cancers, as well as serious genital warts. MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi (SFP), member of the Social Affairs and Health Committee and chair of the parliamentary vaccine task force, has lodged a written question demanding more effective measures to completely eradicate HPV from Finland.

Rehn-Kivi: Problems with bureaucracy must not prevent the provision of rehabilitation to Ukrainian war veterans!

On Thursday, MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi (SFP) submitted a written question concerning the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Finland. Kauniala Hospital has been helping with rehabilitation but is now threatened by a lack of funding, as well as by bureaucracy.

Rehn-Kivi: The right to life and health must be secured in all circumstances

The Social Affairs and Health Committee published a report on the Patient Safety Act on 16 September. The committee supports the legislative proposal based around ensuring that sufficient care workers are available for intensive care and critical home care during the labour dispute, but suggests small amendments based on expert opinions.

Rehn-Kivi: The health care crisis requires concrete, preemptive measures

It is essential to invest in better working conditions, a more attractive work environment, quality leadership and improved opportunities for personnel to take part in and influence their work,” said Member of Parliament Veronica Rehn-Kivi at the Swedish Parliamentary Group’s summer meeting in Porvoo.