Rehn-Kivi: The right to life and health must be secured in all circumstances

The Social Affairs and Health Committee published a report on the Patient Safety Act on 16 September. The committee supports the legislative proposal based around ensuring that sufficient care workers are available for intensive care and critical home care during the labour dispute, but suggests small amendments based on expert opinions.

Both the Constitutional Law Committee and the Employment and Equality Committee have also provided statements in support of the proposal. Veronica Rehn-Kivi, MP for SFP and member of the Social Affairs and Health Committee, believes that although the situation is tricky and she fully understands the frustration of family carers, we must ensure that there is no loss of life during the ongoing labour dispute.

“I strongly believe in our public social and health care system, which offers basic security for all citizens and equal opportunities to receive care and treatment. I must point out that this is not a question of restricting the right to strike of family carers. Carers deserve well-functioning, fair and satisfactory working conditions. We must show our appreciation for their work in ways beyond rhetoric. I sincerely hope we will reach a solution for the conflict that does not involve implementing this law,” Rehn-Kivi says.

Rehn-Kivi also emphasises the fact that while it is our duty to protect human life in all circumstances, particularly in intensive care, the rules must be set out clearly.

Adlercreutz: Apprenticeship programmes, predictable taxation and fast lane for labour migration are needed

The current series of successive crises is putting the economy out of balance. The Covid pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the ongoing energy crisis are shaking the foundations of the economy. Anders Adlercreutz, Chair of the Swedish Parliamentary Group, is concerned over the how businesses in Finland will survive this critical period and is calling for reforms that will help secure the availability of labour.

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Adlercreutz: This is hardly our last crisis

“This government’s final draft budget includes critical measures with which we can counter the new crisis we are faced with,” said Anders Adlercreutz, Chair of the Swedish Parliamentary Group, in his group speech during the Parliament’s budget negotiations.

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