Member Organisations

Member Organisations

As a member of SFP you will always belong to a Member Organisation. These can be Local Chapters or Special Interest Groups. You will find a Local Chapter in your hometown, while a Special Interest Group is connected to a certain theme


The Swedish Youth of Finland (Svensk Ungdom)
The Women’s Organisation of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland (Svenska Kvinnoförbundet)
The Swedish Seniors of Finland (Svenska Seniorer i Finland)

Special Interest Groups

Intresseföreningen för barnfamiljer
Kristet Samhällsansvar i Finland r.f.
Liberal framtid/Liberaalinen tulevaisuus
Liberalt initiativ
Multicultural Finland
Nätverk för tvåspråkiga i Finland
SFP i Bryssel
Svenska folkpartiets Moderater
Svenska löntagare r.f

Municipalities and towns

Here you’ll also find our elected officials in municipalites and towns across Finland (in Swedish).