Adlercreutz: This is hardly our last crisis

“This government’s final draft budget includes critical measures with which we can counter the new crisis we are faced with,” said Anders Adlercreutz, Chair of the Swedish Parliamentary Group, in his group speech during the Parliament’s budget negotiations.

Adlercreutz is satisfied that the budget package will strengthen the Finnish people’s purchasing power, tackle the rise in energy prices and create safety but also, above all, draw a path forward from here.

“We are concerned about national debt, as we have reason to be, but we must still invest in actions that will help us through these difficult times. We are creating safety in the everyday, but we must also lay down a roadmap towards a sustainable economy. We cannot expect this to be the last crisis we encounter. All this must be taken into account in planning the budget,” Adlecreutz says.

According to Adlercreutz, to survive future challenges we must have predictable, long-term politics. It will provide Finns with safety and make Finland a country that attracts people and investments.

“We have demographic challenges. We have a shortage of labour. We have to raise the employment rate. Access to labour is the biggest challenge for industry and commerce in Finland. The current government has made progress in many areas, but much still remains to be done,” Adlercreutz explains.

“No one’s hopes of being employed in Finland must be dashed by bureaucracy. No one who wants to invest in Finland must be left with any doubt that what is true today will also be true tomorrow. And more trust is also needed in the labour market,” Adlercreutz concludes.

Rehn-Kivi: The right to life and health must be secured in all circumstances

The Social Affairs and Health Committee published a report on the Patient Safety Act on 16 September. The committee supports the legislative proposal based around ensuring that sufficient care workers are available for intensive care and critical home care during the labour dispute, but suggests small amendments based on expert opinions.

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Sandra Bergqvist: Hate speech and online shaming are threats to our democracy

Thursday 15 September was the International Day of Democracy. Although democracy in Finland is strong, there is still room for improvement. Member of Parliament and Vice Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, Sandra Bergqvist (SFP), would like to see a healthier climate of debate in the society.

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