Bergqvist: Children’s leisure activities must be reinforced even further in the next government programme

SFP’s Member of Parliament and Vice Chair Sandra Bergqvist took part in a panel discussion on the significance of leisure activities for children and adolescents last Tuesday. The panel was arranged by the Guides and Scouts of Finland together with the Scout Parliamentary Union.

Bergqvist: Crises are expensive, and now we must focus on growth

Today the Parliament discussed a motion of censure related to state debt. In her group speech, MP Sandra Bergqvist emphasised the fact that now is not a time for short-sighted solutions but for responsible politics, ensuring an optimal use of our resources.

Bergqvist: Health care waiting times can be cut with versatile service vouchers

On January 25, Hoiva&Terveys news service and the SME organisation Suomen Yrittäjät arranged an election debate on the roles of the public and private sectors in social services and health care, and on how the objectives of the social and health services reform can be achieved in practice. SFP’s Member of Parliament and Vice Chair Sandra Bergqvist emphasised the need to increase cooperation between public and private health care operators.

Bergqvist: Gang crime is a growing problem that must be taken seriously

In recent years, gang culture has become an increasing problem in Finland’s large cities. With a dozen or so active street gangs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, organised gang crime is also on the increase in cities such as Turku. MP Sandra Bergqvist (RKP) is worried about this trend.

Sandra Bergqvist: Hate speech and online shaming are threats to our democracy

Thursday 15 September was the International Day of Democracy. Although democracy in Finland is strong, there is still room for improvement. Member of Parliament and Vice Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, Sandra Bergqvist (SFP), would like to see a healthier climate of debate in the society.