Wickström: How ill must the Finnish population feel before we take action?

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström wants to see the next cabinet taking decisive action to improve access to mental health care. He believes there must be courage to review the entire service chain.

Wickström: Businesses deserve better politics!

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström says that the next government must take action to improve businesses’ growth opportunities. Wickström is concerned that small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland lack the courage to develop their operations. Current circumstances, including high energy prices and inflation, have weakened companies’ future prospects.

Wickström wants more police officers and crime-fighting resources

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström believes Finland needs more police officers. According to Wickström, the Finnish Police lack resources for preventive work. In its election manifesto, SFP states that the number of police officers should be raised from the current 7,500 to 8,200.

Wickström pleased by arrival of LNG terminal ship in Ingå: “Finland needs investments that support the green transition”

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström is pleased by the arrival of an LNG terminal ship in the southern Finnish town of Ingå today. The vessel will be placed in the Joddböle district of Ingå as soon as the weather permits it. Wickström is also the chair of Ingå’s municipal board.