Biaudet: Pleased that Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO processes are progressing hand in hand

Today, the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee gave a statement on the Government Proposal on Finland’s Accession to NATO.

“The Foreign Affairs Committee has now comprehensively studied our NATO application in two consecutive processes. We have conducted great discussions, aiming for consensus throughout. The committee is now unanimous in handing the matter over to the Parliament,” says MP Eva Biaudet.

In Finland, parliament plays a particularly significant role in examining and approving international treaties.

“Our strong level of unanimity is a great foundation for future NATO collaboration,” Biaudet continues.

“I am especially pleased about our close connections with the Swedish Committee on Foreign Affairs and Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. These have positively influenced our joint progression through the membership process.The committee’s work has further reinforced my view that it is in everyone’s interests – Finland, Sweden and NATO alike – that our two nations will join the organisation simultaneously.”

Bergqvist: Children’s leisure activities must be reinforced even further in the next government programme

SFP’s Member of Parliament and Vice Chair Sandra Bergqvist took part in a panel discussion on the significance of leisure activities for children and adolescents last Tuesday. The panel was arranged by the Guides and Scouts of Finland together with the Scout Parliamentary Union.

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Wickström: How ill must the Finnish population feel before we take action?

SFP Vice President Henrik Wickström wants to see the next cabinet taking decisive action to improve access to mental health care. He believes there must be courage to review the entire service chain.

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